72 year old American trail runner found safe in Chiang Mai’s national forest reserve

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The 72 year old American trail runner who vanished in the national forest reserve of Pa San Sai, Chiang Mai, has been found.

Reach Mikob, an American national, was reported missing during a nature trip with 20 friends. He was located by the head of Pong village, Manop Boonsiri, and subsequently taken to a Chiang Mai hospital for a health check.

The 72 year old American trail runner, went missing in the National Forest Reserve last night, October 30.

The missing trail runner was finally found by Manop, the head of Pong village in Pai district, Chiang Mai, at 7am this morning.

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Mikob had reportedly lost his way out of the forest near Lan Phra Non. After his discovery, he was immediately taken to a hospital in Chiang Mai for a health evaluation. Initial reports indicate that the American is safe and healthy, reported Manop.

“Reach Mikob wandered out of the forest on his own. We found him near Lan Phra Non and immediately sent him to a hospital in Chiang Mai for a health check. The preliminary results show that he is safe.”

The search for Mikob had been ongoing since he went missing last night. The incident was reported to local authorities, who started an extensive search and rescue operation in the National Forest Reserve of Pa San Sai.

The recovery of Mikob brings relief to his friends and family, who had feared for his safety after he vanished in the dense forest.

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