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388 suspected tuberculosis cases found at Phitsanulok prisons

Up to 388 inmates at two prisons in Phitsanulok have been found to have signs of tuberculosis. This revelation from public health officials after they performed lung x-rays on the inmates.

Doctor Rattaphum Champhunot, assistant chief public health officer for Phitsanulok, says the latest x-ray examinations were performed earlier this month.

At Phitsanulok Prison, 2,959 inmates received the x-ray and 203 of them were found to have irregularities in their lungs with 159 suspected of having TB, while 44 others had other irregularities.

Then, 3,287 inmates at the Phitsanulok Central Prison received the x-rays and 283 were found to have problems. Of the 283, 80 percent were suspected of having TB and the rest with other irregularities.

He said the Phitsanulok Public Health Office will take all necessary measures to control more outbreaks of TB in the two prisons.

He said the number of TB patients in the province have been recorded at 722 patients in 2015, 709 patients in 2017, and 875 patients in 2017. The successful rate of cure was around 86 percent.

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