3 students hailed heroes after providing CPR to unconscious man in northern Thailand

Photo via Facebook/ Thida Samerjai

Netizens hailed three Thai students as heroes after they provided CPR to a man who lost consciousness while walking along a road in northern Thailand.

The boys’ teacher, Thida Samerjai, shared the story of their life-saving attempts on June 8 on Facebook three days ago. Thida included pictures of the three students in their school uniforms helping each other in an attempt to save the life of an unconscious man, later identified as Pracha Siriaungkun. Many

Thai netizens flooded the comments section with words of admiration and appreciation for the students’ kindness.

The three teenagers are students at Tha Wangpha Pittayakhom School in the northern province of Nan. They were identified as Pichaphop Pathi, Autthakorn Chanthima, and Panomchai Sonla.

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One of the students spoke to ThaiRath about the episode. He explained that they were riding motorcycles on the way to school. When they stopped at some traffic lights, they spotted Pracha fall from some steps in front of a shop on the roadside.

The teenager said he and his friends rushed to provide CPR and contacted a rescue team in order to take Pracha to a nearby hospital. Sadly, their efforts were all in vain, Pracha eventually died in the hospital.

The three students expressed a mix of sorrow and sadness. They were proud of their actions but also felt a deep sense of regret and sorrow for Pracha and his family. The family were thankful for the boys’ help and offered them a reward for their heroic efforts.

Last month, another heroic high school student, Wuttisak Mangkang, received a Good Citizen Award after he rescued a family of three members who was struggling in a river. Wuttisak managed to bring all three victims to the shore, but he suffered a blood infection because he swallowed a lot of water during the rescue.

Luckily, Wuttisak responded well to the treatment, allowing him to continue pursuing his dream of becoming a police officer.

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