Body reportedly spotted off Krabi island, search hindered by waves

Photo by The Phuket Express.

A body was reportedly spotted floating off an island in Thailand’s southern Krabi province. Despite efforts by officials, the deceased has not yet been recovered due to strong waves hindering the search.

A fishing boat captain near Koh Lanta island alerted the Royal Thai Navy Third Command of the body yesterday morning, The Phuket Express reported.

In an attempt to retrieve the body, the navy deployed two boats. However, the search and recovery operation faced significant challenges due to strong waves hindering their progress.

The reported location of the body was distant from any nearby land, and the rough conditions of the ocean forced a pause in the search efforts.

This incident follows another recent discovery of a body found in a disturbing condition in waters off Krabi over the past weekend.

A man’s decapitated body, which was also missing its hands, was found floating off Thailand‘s Koh Phi Phi islands on Saturday, June 24.

Emergency responders arrived at the scene, located approximately 500 metres west of Phi Phi Lay Island. The body was in an advanced state of decomposition, with the head and hands missing.

Notably, tattoos bearing the words ‘father’ and ‘mother’ were observed on the back of the man’s shoulders. According to police, the man is believed to have died at least five days before his decapitated body was found. To read the full story, click HERE.

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Tara Abhasakun

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