Unexpected trigger: Pregnant Ohio mother shot by 2 year old son

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A 31 year old pregnant mother from Ohio, USA, called the police, informing them that her two year old son had accidentally shot her. The police swiftly responded to the call on Friday, June 16 and transported the injured woman to the hospital. Tragically, her unborn child died and the mother succumbed to her injuries within a few hours of each other.

A police officer told the press…

“She said she was 23 weeks pregnant and her two year old had just accidentally shot her in the back.”

The pregnant mother, Laura Ilg, was conscious in the family’s second floor bedroom when the police arrived and recounted the facts to the officers. She was doing laundry when her son entered the usually locked bedroom and began playing with a gun, leading to the accidental shot in her back.

Police found a 9mm Sig Sauer micro-pistol on the bedside table, loaded with two rounds. It was found to belong to the woman’s husband, who currently has custody of the boy.

The Norwalk Police Department said in a statement

“The Norwalk Police Department offers its sincere and heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, and all those affected by the tragic passing of the young mother and her unborn son. Words truly cannot express how heartbreaking this is, and we cannot imagine the pain and heartache you’re feeling.”

Unexpected trigger: Pregnant Ohio mother shot by 2 year old son | News by Thaiger
Thirty-one-year-old Laura Ilg.

Reports mention that out of the population of 330 million in the USA, there are roughly 400 million guns. About 40% of households own firearms, but fewer than half secure them safely. In March this year, there was a mishap where a three year old girl in Texas inadvertently resulted in the death of her four year old sister while several adults were at home.

Meanwhile, in May, a former Royal Thai Navy sailor suffered a serious injury after accidentally shooting himself while playing with a gun in a rental room in the Isaan province of Burriam.

The sailor, Phattarapong Kongkird, was found by his girlfriend. She arrived home to discover her 41 year old boyfriend lying unconscious in a pool of blood with a gunshot wound to his left leg. The woman immediately notified officers from Na Pho Police Station who rushed to the scene. To read more click HERE

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