30 local vendors of Kamala Beach led by Samran Kodsan headed to the Kamala Police Station yesterday (December 6) to complain about foreign vendors working illegally on Kamala Beach.

The vendors say that the foreigners from Myanmar, Bangladesh and Vietnam have been working as vendors on the beach for a while and often try to pressure beachgoers to buy their items which, they claim, are low quality. They claim they’re losing money to the foreign vendors.

Meanwhile, Pol Col Sukkasem Nakornwisai, Kamala Police Station Superintendent, after meeting with the vendors, says that police are prepared to arrest the vendors if they are trading illegally.

“We are ready to arrest them but it seems like they always know about our inspections in advance. I would like to ask for cooperation from the vendors to help monitor any illegal activities on the beach.”

- Kritsada Mueanhawong