Family hospitalised after elephant attack in eastern Thailand


A Cambodian family was hospitalised after a wild elephant attacked them at a rubber tree plantation in eastern Thailand. The parents and their 1 month old baby were camped at a Rayong plantation when the elephant passed by. The baby started to cry, startling the elephant. It apparently went into a panic and started to trample, according to the family’s co-worker.

Other workers were able to run away, but the family did not make it out in time. The elephant charged at their campsite and severely injured the family. The father reported severe stomach and chest pain. The mother’s arms and legs were “misshapen” from the attack, with possible broken or fractured bones. The baby’s throat suffered a wound. The family is being treated at the Khao Chamao hospital. Khao Chamao district sheriff Kanjaras Eidthongsai, who is also a medic at the hospital, says the family is under close watch.

The sheriff says officers patrol the area to protect residents from wild elephants, but the campsite was set up on the elephant trail and he is advising the other workers to move away from the trail to prevent a similar attack from happening again.

“They have already been recommended to relocate their campsite further away from the scene to prevent the reoccurrence. The authority will also provide supplies and other necessary materials for workers to help them move.”

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SOURCE: Pattaya News

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