Flaming friendship: 12 year old boy scorched by friend’s alcohol attack in central Thailand

Photo by Sanook.

In a shocking incident from Chachoengsao, a 12 year old boy suffered severe burns covering 70% of his body after his friend doused him in alcohol while burning rubbish. The offending child’s mother, a teacher by profession, tried to settle the case by paying 2,000 baht (US$57) and suggesting the victim’s family report the incident to the police.

The traumatising event took place on June 26, at around 7.30pm, in the housing community at Noen Takro, Chachoengsao province. The horrific accident left the child in a critical condition, lying unconscious in the hospital, and his family worried and desperate for justice. The victim’s family shared their traumatic experience on Facebook which then sparked social outrage, reported Sanook. The Deputy Inspector of the local police, Arttaphan Kotchasi, said…

“Kids were burning garbage together in the neighbourhood. One of them started the fire and sprinkled alcohol on it. Then, he turned the flame towards the victim who was urinating. This caused the boy’s clothing and body to catch fire resulting in severe injuries.”

The offending child’s parent said…

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“I agreed to help initially. I said I would contribute 5000 baht towards the medical expenses. But I’ve only given 2000 baht so far.”

The parents of the offender were supposed to meet with the victim’s family at the local police station on July 2 to discuss the incident and fulfil their promise. However, they failed to show up.

Police have yet to announce a conclusion to the incident.

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