Thai thrill-seeker charged for high-jinks riding on a highway

Screenshot from a video via นี่แหละต้น เฉยเฉย

A Thai thrill-seeker has been charged with riding his motorbike dangerously in the central province of Nakhon Sawan. The 49 year old, named Chat, was recorded on video riding with no hands down a highway and at one stage almost ran into the back of a refrigerator truck.

The terrifying spectacle was recorded by another motorist who uploaded the video to Facebook stating “It’s full of meth fuel”. Needless to say, the post went viral.

The motorcyclist is seen letting go of the handlebar grips, lying down on the seat, and putting his hands together in a prayer motion. Chat kept up his crazy antics for several minutes and motioned the man taking the video to follow him, while he also danced.

At one stage Chat almost hit another car when he was lying prostrate, but managed to swerve direction in time. He didn’t seem fazed or frightened by the danger.

One netizen posted another video of the same guy driving dangerously, adding he had seen him do it before. Many netizens thought his antics were funny, while others thought it was stupid and dangerous not only for the rider but for other drivers on the road as well.

Officers from Payuha Khiri Police Station yesterday arrested the daredevil rider at his house. The police said the road featured in the video was Phahonyothin Road in the Yan Mat Sea District of Nakhon Sawan province.

Chat was tested for drugs and alcohol but the results were negative. Chat told the police he wasn’t drunk and that he always rode like that because it is his own style. He also confessed to having a neurotic disorder.

Chat was charged with driving recklessly and dangerously. The officers added they would investigate and question the rider in more detail to impose other charges if necessary.

SOURCE: Dailynews

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