Motorcycle taxi rider treats customer to farewell steak dinner

Photo via stamptyr on TikTok and Siamrath

A Thai motorcycle taxi rider treated one of his regular passengers to a farewell steak dinner in the central province of Sara Buri as a thank you for years of loyalty before she jetted off to university.

The 20 year old female passenger, Thanyarate “Stamp” Rungklang, posted a video of the dinner she shared with 61 year old motorcycle taxi rider, Arnon Yatipher, on her TikTok account.

The caption on the video said, “I have been using the motorcycle taxi service from uncle Arnon since I was in grade 8. Now, I’m in grade 12 and about to go to university. Uncle Arnon just brought me to the shop and said to me, “It’s my treat before you go, Stamp.”

Many Thai netizens commented on the post saying it was a heartwarming story, and many said the uncle was so lovely. Stamp revealed the video of the dinner was taken on June 14, but decided to post it because she missed uncle Arnon.

Stamp revealed to media that uncle Arnon operated in front of Pra Lan Temple in Sara Buri province. She added that uncle Arnon was kind, always answered her call, and picked her up even if it was late and he was preparing to go to bed.

Arnon always wished her luck every time she had exams. The university student said she called Arnon when she got back home from a university at the weekend. Stamp said enjoyed talking to Arnon about studying, life, and everything along the way. She added they also keep in touch via Facebook.

A reporter visited Pra Lan Temple to meet with Arnon. He told the media that he always treats his regular passengers, especially students like Stamp. He said he didn’t want the children to forget about him. Arnon added that one passenger told him that he was famous on social media. The motorcycle taxi rider thought he did something wrong, but it turned out to be Stamp’s TikTok video. He said he was pleased that Stamp still talked with him via Facebook.

SOURCE: Siamrath

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