Elderly couple in central Thailand has their first wedding photos together

Wong and Klin's "pre-wedding shoot", photos by Ittipol Ardto.

A freelance photographer has given one elderly couple in central Thailand’s Suphan Buri province their dream come true. The couple, 86 year old husband Wong and 85 year old wife Klin, have been together through thick and thin for over 65 years. But until a few weeks ago, they never had any cute ‘couple photos’ displaying their love.

Then their next-door neighbor, photographer Ittipol Ardto, asked about their history together, and whether they ever had wedding photos. Wong and Klin, who have known Ittipol since he was a child, told him they had never had the opportunity for wedding shots, but they would love to.

Ittipol then asked his wife, a makeup artist, to help the couple dress for the photo shoot, and they found a scenic spot in their village. Ittipol then shot a “pre wedding photo session” of the couple, giving them their dream of finally having romantic photos.

One TikTok account, ‘ioil20’, also posted a video of the couple at the shoot. In the video, Wong lovingly kisses Klin on her cheek, putting his hand on her chin. The couple look at each other smiling and holding hands as Ittipol photographs them. They then smile and wave at the camera.

Wong wears a grey suit and stylish sunglasses, while Klin wears a lacy white dress with off-the-shoulder cap sleeves. Since the TikTok video went viral, netizens have oohed and ahhhed over the adorable couple, with one netizen even saying they felt jealous of the couple’s relationship.

SOURCE: Sanook

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