Cultural officer in central Thailand caught stealing govt money

Photo by ThaiRath.

Another story of corruption in Thailand…

A cultural officer in Thailand’s central Ayutthaya province was caught yesterday stealing government money meant to pay for a religious ceremony. The provincial cultural officer, 58 year old Chureeporn, worked with a friend, so far only known as “B,” to steal 80,000 baht from the government.

Chureeporn drafted a proposal for the government to reimburse B, the organiser of the religious ceremony, with 80,000 baht. But little did officials know, Chureeporn and B had already fundraised money for the ceremony from temples and private entrepreneurs and didn’t need money from the government. Once the budget was transferred to B, B kept 10,000 baht and transferred 70,000 baht to Chureeporn.

Thai media reports that someone alerted the police about Chureeporn and B’s act, and the police caught the two in their little scheme. Chureeporn has been arrested on corruption charges, as well as charges of being an official and performing duties dishonestly and wrongfully. B has also been arrested.

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Stories of corruption by Thai officials are rampant on the Internet. In a painfully ironic story just last month, the National Anti-Corruption Commission Deputy Secretary-General Prayad Puangchampa was fired for having amassed an unusual amount of wealth.

It looks like Chureeporn and B are just the latest Thai officials looking to fatten their wallets through dirty means.

SOURCE: ThaiRath

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