UPDATE: Man lost in wilderness found after king cobra encounter

An elderly man missing in the forest has been found in good health and shared his tale of getting lost after fleeing a king cobra. (via KhaoSod)

In an update to a story earlier today, an elderly man lost in the Khao Sanam Priang Wildlife Sanctuary in Kamphaeng Phet province has been found alive. He had been foraging with a friend and the duo were in search of wild mushrooms and other forest yields. However, their day took an unexpected turn when Phorn lost his way and encountered a king cobra.

The 71 year old local man named Phorn Muekkwang, also known as Uncle Phorn, along with a 62 year old villager Praparn Silakaki, ventured into the sanctuary near Nong Korn village in the central province on the morning of August 21 and disappeared.

Phorn was found around 11am today, near a water collection pond of the Khlong Phai near the village. The initial health check revealed that he was slightly weak due to not eating for two days. After first aid was delivered, which included offering him electrolytes, he was brought back home to rest. Further medical checks were planned to ensure his body’s mineral levels were in balance.

Phorn, a healthy man without any chronic illness, had not had any food to eat in the past two days. Yet he only showed minor signs of fatigue. During a conversation with him, the village headman, Suphavat Somharwong, discovered that Phorn ran into a large king cobra in the forest.

This terrifying encounter led him to drop his belongings and run for his life, ultimately causing him to lose his way.

As night fell, Phorn tried to navigate his way out by following the distant village lights. However, he couldn’t reach the village and had to spend the night in the forest. By morning, he saw villagers and search parties looking for him.

Despite his attempts to call out for water, no one saw or heard him. Later, he stumbled upon a water hole in the forest, which surprisingly was dry, contradicting the villagers’ belief that it carried water all year round, reported Khaosod.

After finally being rescued, villagers are shocked by the man’s tale of fleeing the king cobra. This strange occurrence sparked curiosity and speculation among the villagers, who questioned why they couldn’t see or hear Phorn while searching for him.

They also wondered about the presence of the large king cobra, which was confirmed by wildlife conservation officers and nearby villagers. Phorn had been unlucky, but the cobra was real – locals had previously found eggs of the king cobra in the area.

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