Fatal accident: Mother killed, son injured after motorcycle collision with two pickup trucks in northeast Thailand

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

A tragic accident occurred today when a mother swerved her motorcycle to avoid a car, collided with the back of a pickup truck, and was subsequently hit by another in northeast Thailand. She was dragged under the vehicle and killed on the spot. Her 10 year old son, who was riding a pillion, was thrown off and seriously injured.

Assistant Inspector Yotsawarit Simanee, Deputy Investigation Officer at the Sri Saket City Police Station, was notified of the accident involving a pickup truck colliding with a motorcycle, resulting in fatalities and injuries, on the Sri Saket-Phayuh road, Phon Kha Subdistrict, Mueang District, Sisaket Province. He immediately rushed to the scene with the Sawang Jitt Srisaket Thammasatan Foundation’s rescue unit.

At the scene, a Honda motorcycle with the license plate number บต 3220 Sri Saket lay overturned behind a Nissan pickup truck with the license plate number ฏพ 4483 Bangkok. Under the truck, they found the body of a 34 year old woman.

The injured party was her 10 year old son. In addition, an Isuzu pickup truck with the license plate number ขขก 117 Sri Saket had its tail light broken due to the impact.

Officials quickly transported the injured boy to hospital and used a crane to remove the woman’s body. The 58 year old driver of the Isuzu pickup truck, Sudjai, stated that the deceased woman swerved her motorcycle to avoid his truck, which was moving into the middle lane, and hit the back of his vehicle.

She lost control and veered into another lane where the Nissan pickup truck hit her again, dragging her body under the truck, leading to her death on the spot. Her son was seriously injured in the process, reported KhaoSod.

Subsequently, police delivered the body to the hospital for an autopsy, conducted an investigation, and carried out legal proceedings before handing over the body to the family for religious ceremonies.

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