Bomb discovered under resident’s car in southern Thailand

A potentially deadly attack was narrowly averted in southern Thailand on Saturday night after a young woman discovered a bomb attached to her aunt’s car while searching for a missing pet. The improvised explosive device was later safely disposed of by experts, but authorities are still investigating the motive behind the plot.

Enaz Haji Taye, the owner of the Bangkok-registered Mitsubishi Pajero, reported the discovery of the bomb to the police yesterday morning. She had been driving with two other women when she stopped to pick up a friend in Muang district, Pattani province, Bangkok Post reported. The car’s engine remained running throughout the trip, including during a stop at a shabu restaurant and a visit to Muang Mai market.

The group then refuelled at a PTT station at Khao Tum, where they stopped to pray for 20 minutes. They arrived back at Enaz’s home in Mayo district at 3.30pm, where the SUV was parked in the carport.

It was not until 8.30pm that Enaz’s niece discovered the gas cylinder, which had been tied underneath the car with a wire sticking out. Her niece was looking for her missing cat.

Police were called, and they quickly evacuated Enaz and her family, along with their neighbours.

Authorities have not yet released any information on who may be responsible for the bomb, or what the motive behind the attack might be. The investigation is ongoing.

In February 2022, a car bomb exploded outside a police station in Yala province, injuring several people.

In September 2021, a bomb was found in a car parked near a police station in Pattani province. In August of the same year, two people were killed and several others injured in a car bomb attack outside a hotel in Yala province.

This recent incident highlights the ongoing security concerns in southern Thailand, where separatist groups have been active for decades. While it is not clear if this attack is related to separatist insurgency, it is a reminder of the danger that residents in the region on a daily basis.

Bomb discovered under resident's car in southern Thailand | News by Thaiger
Pictures courtesy of Bangkok Post.

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