Swedish Embassy hailed for giving 6-month parental leave to Thai staff

Photo via Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok

The Swedish Embassy in Bangkok was praised by Thai netizens after providing six months of parental leave with full salary to its Thai male staff.

Yesterday, the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok posted a story of a Thai embassy driver, Somchart Sucheephet, on Facebook revealing he receives the same welfare privileges as his Swedish counterparts.

The embassy said…

“It’s time for our driver to be a father and take paternity leave to take care of his child.”

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The embassy revealed that Somchart has worked at the embassy for almost 30 years, and is entitled to take leave according to the Swedish worker welfare system.

The embassy also revealed other employee welfare benefits, including parental leave to take care of children aged under 10 years old when they are sick, 10 days per child, 28 vacation days per year, and 13 Thai national holidays per year. The embassy also added that the staff is entitled to the Swedish coffee and tea break called fika every Friday.

The embassy said…

“All employees of Swedish embassies worldwide enjoy these benefits. We believe that decent working conditions, sound employer and employee relations, and striving for gender equality will benefit society and the country as a whole.”

Many Thai netizens commented on the post to congratulate Somchart and praise the embassy for providing equal welfare to each member of staff. Some wished that the Thai worker welfare system was the same.

One woman said, “This is great. It’s hard for me to take leave even if I want just three days.” A man said, “I am able to take leave only 10 days per year.” Many others wanted to apply to work for the embassy.

According to the latest update on worker welfare in January announced by the PM Spokeswoman, Ratchada Thanadirek, women could take maternity leave for up to 98 days and paternity leave for up to 90 days to take care of their children, and they get paid 50% of their salary.

A father, who works in a Thai government department, is allowed to take 15-days of paternity leave to take care of his child and wife.

SOURCE: Matichon | Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok

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