Samyan church calls for artists after graffiti incident

Image courtesy of Thanant Tangsuksant

A historic church in the Samyan area, with a legacy spanning over 145 years, became the target of an unauthorised graffiti incident, sparking significant online debate. The act, deemed inappropriate by online users, led to a call for volunteers to contribute to the church’s upkeep in a more official capacity.

The incident, which took place earlier today involved the Second Samyan Church, a venerable institution in the local community. Social media was abuzz with reactions after Thanant Tangsuksant, a Facebook user, shared images of the unauthorised artwork along with a message directed at the unidentified artist.

“Dear creator of this work, as a member of the Second Samyan Church, we appreciate your good intentions in wanting to help beautify our church that is over 145 years old.”

The church’s response was an invitation to the artist to join their efforts in a more structured manner.

“We extend an invitation for you to become a volunteer and contribute to developing the church in a way that utilises your talents.”

The church indicated they had plenty of space that required decoration and were willing to provide designs and materials to anyone concerned about their work being claimed by others.

To address any concerns about anonymity or misappropriation, the church assured the artist that their security system, including CCTV cameras, was active and capable of identifying individuals involved in the painting.

Thanant further stated the church’s intention to remove the graffiti but also extended an open invitation to the artist and the broader community to partake in their regular Sunday worship at 9.45am, followed by a communal lunch at the church, in a show of respect and community spirit.

She also provided a practical note for any future visits, requesting that individuals come between Tuesday and Sunday from 8am to 5pm, as the church office does not operate after hours.

The incident has highlighted the delicate balance between the desire for self-expression and the respect for historical landmarks. It has also demonstrated the church’s openness to community involvement and dialogue, turning an act of vandalism into an opportunity for inclusive community development and the preservation of a treasured local heritage.

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