Police say they have enough evidence to try woman who cut rope

PHOTO: The woman alleged to have cut a condo worker's rope is facing prosecution. (via Daily News)

In an update to the shocking story of a worker in Nonthaburi whose rope was cut leaving him dangling 26 floors above the street below, police now say that they have enough evidence to prosecute the woman accused of cutting the rope from the 21st floor, 5 stories below.

Thai media reported that the culprit is allegedly a 34 year old woman who owns a room in the condo building where the workers have been repairing what is now said to be a leak on the outside of the 32-story building.

She had been taken to the police station for interrogation at the time but refused to admit any wrongdoing. With no video footage capturing the rope being cut, many were fearful that the person who committed the crime and their motive might remain unknown.

Police had collected the severed rope from the ground below the condo and had taken it in for forensic analysis. DNA was taken from the woman suspected of cutting the rope, though police have not released any details on whether DNA tests have been completed or conclusive yet.

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The woman is facing charges of criminal damage as well as attempted murder. Thai media reports that the woman has been moved by her relatives out of the condo building for now.

As is the tradition in Thai criminal investigations, a reenactment was held of the crime scene and events, with the victim, a Burmese man named Song, saying he was hesitant and scared to get back on the ropes where it happened, but that he felt it was necessary to fully investigate the crime.

He also said that he intends to keep his job and will eventually be back dangling on the side of buildings when asked to do so as part of his employment, saying he didn’t have any other job prospects or anything else he could do.


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