Officer issues arrest threat to security after his bike is clamped

Photo via โหลกแดง in the Multiverse of Madness

A Thai policeman threatened to arrest security guards after they clamped his motorcycle at a condominium in Bangkok. He also refused to pay the parking fine.

Yesterday, the Facebook page, โหลกแดง in the Multiverse of Madness, or Red Skull in the Multiverse of Madness, shared a video of a policeman arguing with security guards at a condo in the Bang Sue district in Bangkok.

The video, recorded when the incident happened on Wednesday, showed a man in a red shirt, reported to be a police officer, shouting at two security guards.

In the video, he said …

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“Who put the wheel clamp on it? Don’t you see the police logo on it? How dare you do that? Who is going to take responsibility if I can’t serve the royal motorcade in time? I have lived in this condo for years and talked to the juristic person about the car park since I moved in. You don’t know me well enough. See you at the court, ok? I will file a complaint against you!”

One of the security guards admitted he clamped the motorcycle while the other guard said they had to do it because it was their duty.

The police responded by saying…

“You are such a fool! When I’m a police inspector at a police station in this area, I will arrest you.”

The Facebook page’s admin gave an update in the comments section revealing that a police officer in the district arrived on the scene and told the security guards to remove the clamp. The officer also told the guards to waive the 1,500 baht fine and ordered them to allow all police to park in the condo for free in the future.

Many Thai netizens were scathing in their criticism of the angry officer’s actions.

Some said Thailand should have police officers from the private sector to help improve the standard of the state police. Others mentioned his rude manner when the video went viral.

The Royal Thai Police or the police station that the officer serves have provided no update and his identity has not been revealed.

SOURCE: Kapook | Sanook | Red Skull in the Multiverse of Madness

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