Bangkok’s eastern flank gets a wetland forest for recreation

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The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is transforming an 86-rai plot of land situated on Bangkok’s eastern flank into a wetland forest, a green space designed to provide urban dwellers with fresh air and recreational facilities.

This plot, found in the Bung Kum district, was previously recognised as Klong Lam Bung Kum. Its initial purpose was to act as a floodwater-retention basin, absorbing surplus rainfall and averting flooding in the eastern part of Bangkok.

Over time, this area, which boasts a rich ecological system due to its native plant species and association with surrounding communities, evolved into a public park. It has become a popular spot for locals seeking exercise, relaxation, and leisure activities.

Given its wetland attributes and its relative proximity to two additional public parks, Seri Thai Park and Navaminphirom Park, the BMA has resolved to enhance the site into a district park, operating under the Bangkok Wetland Forest (BWF) concept.

The development plan for the new park, put forth by the BMA, includes a 3,060-metre-long asphalt-covered walkway and a 420-metre waterside walkway, complete with a protective barrier. The BMA has also made significant landscape improvements, installed extra lighting fixtures, added wastewater treatment tanks, and set up barriers to prohibit vehicles from accessing the walkway, reported Bangkok Post.

In a recent site visit by Deputy Bangkok Governor Jakkapan Phiewngam, along with other high-ranking BMA officials, the BMA requested the district office to inform the public that vehicle access within the park is restricted to ensure the safety of visitors. The district office has also been urged to prevent activities such as drinking and starting bonfires within the park, to protect both visitors and the environment.

In related news, Suan Suk Jai Park is part of over 100 community green spaces established under the 15-minute Pocket Park campaign helmed by Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt.

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