Road collapse: Residents demand quick compensation after elevated road project mishap

Photo by Wichan Charoenkiatpakul, Bangkok Post.

Prompted by the destructive downfall of a chunk of an elevated road project on Luang Phaeng Road situated in the Lat Krabang district on July 10, residents are fervently appealing to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) for a swift distribution of compensation and other financial aid post the unfortunate road collapse.

A portion of the On Nut-Lat Krabang elevated road project that stretches for 600 metres, from Lotus’s Lat Krabang to Jorakay Noi Police Station, unfortunately, gave way on July 10. Tragically, two lives were lost as a result and a further 12 individuals sustained wounds in the road collapse.

Affected resident Apisit Laosinat told Bangkok Post that a crane from the construction site fell upon his three-storey shophouse, which he shares with his 10 relatives. Though the building was severely damaged, the family managed to escape unscathed as there were no occupants on the top floor during the collapse incident.

Apisit said…

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“My father and I were repairing motorbikes when the crane hit our roof. My brother said that the crane was blocked by a pole in front of the shophouse, but there were bits from the crane which came through the walls.”

The grim aftermath compelled Apisit’s family to briefly vacate the shophouse they have occupied for four decades. Apisit voiced his concern for the uncertain future,

“We were lucky that no one was hurt in the incident. But who can guarantee that there won’t be another collapse?”

Apisit further disclosed that as of the Tuesday following the collapse accident, his family and other victimised residents had not been informed about any potential compensation from the contractor or the BMA. He also noted the meagre 50,000 baht he has so far received from the contractor, intended for emergency costs like baby supplies. The contractor advised them to wait for their insurance company’s consultation before they can receive full compensation.

An 81 year old neighbour of Apisit’s, Sarut Kreutaweechote, conveyed that authorities commanded him to leave his shophouse abruptly after the collapse accident. Sarut expressed his disappointment, saying…

“Officials gave me a budget of 3,500 baht to rent an apartment. Where can I find an apartment that cheap?”

Sarut moved back as he lacked the means for hotel accommodation. Sarut also revealed residents’ continual objections to the flyover, arguing its redundancy in tackling the notorious traffic snarl-ups of the area. Instead, locals suggest that an expansion of the Lat Krabang Road would be a far more effective solution. Sarut added…

“The construction site is a major source of pollution. Sometimes, they would work on the project in the middle of the night, which is a nuisance.”

Wisanu Subsompon, a deputy Bangkok governor, stated that the project must reach its completion by December next year. Consequently, the contractor has been instructed to improve the project’s foundations to prevent similar road collapse accidents. He said…

“If the flyover construction is not completed by next December, the contractor will be fined according to the contract.”

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