Bangkok chief says 300 water pumps need changing to fix floods

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Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt called upon the city’s private sector to help solve the capital’s age-old flooding conundrum.

The 56 year old chief said he is determined to sort out Bangkok’s perpetual drainage system. He revealed that, after a thorough investigation, the city needs to replace about 300 water pumps that are over 15 years old.

Last Friday, Chadchart inspected the pumping station at Bang Sue Canal to gauge how prepared it is to handle more flooding in Bangkok. The city chief made known that out of the 17 water pumps he investigated at Bang Sue Canal Pumping Station more than 10 of them were old and needed replacing.

The governor said there are an additional 300 plus old pumps throughout the capital, from 190 pumping stations in Bangkok, that needed to be changed for a better drainage system.

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Chadchart stated that it would be cheaper for the city to construct a water tunnel at about 5 – 6 million baht than replace one water pump, which would cost around 4 million baht.

“I will try to spend less of our budget for the best benefit. Unimportant projects will be cut or postponed. The project to construct a water tunnel will also be paused for now. The water drainage system and canals in Bangkok are the focus. They will be improved and dredged, and the pipe jacking technique will be operated to allow water from Bangkok’s alleys to go into the canals.”

The city supremo also urged the private sector to get involved if it cared about the city, and its people, and added it is in the best interests of their businesses.

“Some companies opposed a dam constructing project saying ‘it would cause misfortune’ to their businesses. Then, floods washed up roads and communities. Those companies should be more selfless. Don’t be worried about the fortune. Save people’s lives first.”

SOURCE: Khaosod

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