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2 Bangkok restaurants busted serving alcohol opposite police station

PHOTO: 2 Bangkok restaurants were busted serving alcohol across from the police station. (via MCOT)

In the Pathumwan district of Bangkok, restaurants said to be opposite the Royal Thai Police Office in a well-known shopping centre were busted selling alcohol after hours. Police raided several food establishments and found 2 businesses with customers drinking after the 9 pm curfew on alcohol that restaurants are allowed.

A video clip had circulated that showed restaurants in the shopping centre violating the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration regulations by selling alcohol and allowing customers to consume the drinks. The video made the rounds and was shown by Member of Parliament Sira Jenjaka, spurning the police to action.

When inspecting the restaurants, police found alcoholic drinks on the tables that customers had been drinking after the 9 pm curfew on serving or consuming alcohol in restaurants. The owners of the dining establishments were charged with violating Covid-19 restrictions. The shopping centre owners were questioned and said that they had already warned restaurants in their building about the Covid-19 rules.

Bangkok is currently one of only 4 provinces in Thailand that are allowed to serve alcohol any capacity, with key tourist Blue Zones being allowed to serve alcohol only in restaurants only until 9 pm. Other tourist areas are fighting to be allowed to have similar restriction easements, including Pattaya’s famous nightlife which is said to be on the discussion agenda for Friday’s CCSA meeting.

Meanwhile, tourists visiting the Bangkok backpacker entertainment hub of Khao San Road told The Thaiger that businesses weren’t quite back to normal, but the street was buzzing with activity last night. The road seems to have some leeway as checkpoints were set up on both ends of the street that were checking Thailand Pass details and vaccination papers before allowing people to enter the area.


2 Bangkok restaurants busted serving alcohol opposite police station | News by Thaiger

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