World’s oldest dog Pebbles dies at age 22

The world’s oldest dog, Pebbles, has died at the age of 22 in the United States. Since May of this year, the Toy Fox Terrier held the Guinness World Record for being the world’s oldest dog. After seeing headlines about TobyKeith, a 21-year-old chihuahua from Florida who was named the world’s oldest living dog, Pebbles’ owner, Julie Gregory, realised that Pebbles was older and applied for the record.

According to The Straits Times, Pebbles was born on March 28, 2000, in Long Island, New York. She spent most of her lifetime, however, living in the state of South Carolina in theThroughoutse of her lifetime, she gave birth to 32 puppies. Gregory wrote on Instagram that Pebbles “sadly passed away of natural causes peacefully at her home surrounded by her family.”

Her owner also said that Pebbles enjoyed listening to country music on her last day alive while being loved by her family.

“She was a once-in-a-lifetime companion, and it was our honour to have had the blessing to have had her as a pet, and family member.”

Gregory reflected on the small dog’s life by saying that she enjoyed trying new foods and was pampered during her life. In 2012, a veterinarian put the 1.8 kilogram dog on a cat food diet, as it reportedly contained more meat-based protein. But, Gregory says Pebbles would still get to indulge in treats like a stack of ribs for those special occasions like her birthday. Pebble passed away five months before her 23rd birthday.

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