Thailand weather experts debunk extended summer rumors

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Thailand’s Meteorological Department (TMD) clarified widespread social media reports predicting an extended hot season until September, explaining the usual climatic patterns and dismissing the possibility of a prolonged heat crisis.

Recent online speculation suggested that Thailand might face an unprecedented extension of its hot season, with high temperatures persisting through September. Addressing these concerns, the TMD highlighted the typical duration of the Thai summer season, which usually spans from mid-February to mid-May, lasting approximately two and a half months.

During this period, the Earth’s orbit brings the country closer to the sun, and the sun’s rays strike the tropical zone at a perpendicular angle. This is especially true in April, when the sun is almost directly overhead at midday in Thailand, leading to maximum solar radiation exposure.

The hot season is characterised by unpredictable wind directions, often weak, combined with regular low-pressure areas caused by the heat, contributing to the sweltering conditions. Temperatures can occasionally exceed 40 degrees Celsius, creating a challenging environment for the population.

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However, as the rainy season starts from mid-May to about mid-October, the southwest monsoon, laden with humidity, covers Thailand. This monsoon not only helps to disperse the heat but also results in increased rainfall, which generally lowers the temperature.

By September, which marks the latter part of the rainy season, widespread rainfall is common across the country, and the average temperature is not excessively high due to persistent rain and high humidity, as well as the strength of the monsoon, reported KhaoSod.

The TMD assures that the heat situation eases with the onset of the rainy season and that the hot conditions should not extend into September. Should any severe weather patterns impact the public, the department promises to issue immediate warnings and advises people to regularly follow weather forecasts.

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