Pattaya water drainage system construction completed

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A major water drainage system construction project in Jomtien has been completed on schedule according to Pattaya City officials. The construction was needed to resolve frequent problems in the area with flooding by adding more water drainage pipes to the ocean while also widening the pipes already in place in the area. The project covered a lower area in town, from Rompho Market to the Dongtan curve on Jomtien Beach, which is easily flooded by heavy rains because the surrounding streets are higher.

The construction was declared officially finished yesterday by Pattaya City officials. All that remains is to repaint street markings and lane lines, which is scheduled in the near future. The project was expected to take 180 days and ground was broken on November 16. There were concerns the project would be delayed or slowed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the project was completed on schedule in less than the time predicted.

Flooding has been a major problem in Pattaya for years, with some roads under up to 80 cm of rainwater last October, and a 2-hour rainstorm caused flash floods that brought the area to a standstill last July. The increased drainage will hopefully help move water off the city streets and back into the ocean more quickly, bringing water levels down and minimizing heavy rain’s impact on Pattaya residents.

Ten projects were tackled to deal with flooding issues around Pattaya and are expected to be finished by April 4, with a total cost of 280 million baht. New construction projects to lay underground cables amongst other building are scheduled to get underway in the near future but have drawn some criticism over being undertaken in quick succession.

The water drainage system just completed previously received criticism also from business owners and local residents, concerned that the construction would negatively affect their businesses and lives during a time when the pandemic had already destroyed much of the economy.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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