Chilling forecast for northern Thailand while south braces for heavy rain

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The Thai Meteorological Department has issued a level 4 warning, forecasting a sharp drop in temperatures across northern Thailand and heavy rainfall in the southern region. The warning, which came into effect from 5am today, is expected to last until December 25.

The cold spell is due to a high-pressure system from China that is set to cover Thailand and the South China Sea. This will result in cooler weather and strong winds across Thailand, with temperatures plunging by up to 8 degrees Celsius. The northeastern region is expected to experience a temperature drop of 5 to 8 degrees Celsius, while the north will see temperatures decrease by 4 to 6 degrees Celsius. The central region, including Bangkok and its vicinities, and the eastern region will see a drop of 3 to 5 degrees Celsius, while temperatures in the upper southern region will decrease by 2 to 4 degrees Celsius.

For residents living in the mountainous regions of the north and northeast, temperatures could fall to as low as 3 to 10 degrees Celsius and 5 to 13 degrees Celsius respectively, with the possibility of frost in some areas. The public is advised to take care of their health due to the cold weather and to be aware of potential fire hazards caused by dry and windy conditions, reported KhaoSod.

In contrast, the southern region is expected to experience heavy to very heavy rainfall, particularly from December 22 to December 25. This is due to a strong low-pressure system moving from the lower South China Sea across Malaysia into the lower Andaman Sea. Residents in the lower southern region are advised to be cautious of flash floods and runoff, especially in hilly areas and flood-prone lowlands.

Waves in the Gulf of Thailand are expected to reach heights of 2 to 4 metres and may exceed 4 metres in stormy areas, while waves in the Andaman Sea could reach about 2 metres, potentially exceeding 2 metres in stormy areas and further offshore. Residents in the southern coastal areas are warned of high waves and boat operators in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea are advised to navigate with caution. Small boat operators in the Gulf of Thailand are advised to stay ashore during this period.

People are recommended to follow updates from the Thai Meteorological Department on their website or call 0-2399-4012-13 and 1182, available 24 hours. The next warning will be issued at 5pm today.

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