Thai Taxi Association’s controversial tips for satisfactory rides spark debate

Thai taxis tender tips to tolerable travel

The Thai Taxi Association stirred debate by posting six tips to ensure a satisfactory taxi ride. The recommendations include asking before getting in, not forgetting to tip, and calling for a Grab taxi during peak hours or if the location is difficult for a regular taxi to reach.

The Thai Taxi Association’s Facebook page recently shared these suggestions, aiming to foster mutual satisfaction between drivers and passengers. The post, titled Thai Taxi Association Recommends Satisfactory Taxi Usage, featured a picture detailing these suggestions.

The tips are as follows:

1. Stand on the correct side of the road to speed up the process and reduce the chance of taxi drivers refusing the fare.

2. Ask before getting in to prevent any misunderstandings and to maintain proper etiquette.

3. Don’t forget to tip, especially if you have a lot of luggage or ask the driver to take shortcuts.

4. Avoid demanding actions, such as requesting songs, asking to turn up the air conditioning, or requesting stops to pick up friends or purchase items.

5. Do not disturb or cut in line, such as asking to charge your phone in the car, using a loudspeaker on your phone, stopping at an ATM, or asking the driver to lend you money. Always hail a taxi in the queue.

6. Use Grab Taxi during rush hour or in locations where it may be difficult to hail a regular taxi, to reduce conflicts with taxi drivers.

These tips from the Thai Taxi Association have been met with a flood of criticism, with many viewing them as bossily instructing passengers and taking advantage of customers. Many believe that the onus should be on taxi services to improve, given the current issues of drivers refusing passengers and overcharging.

Some drivers have even demonstrated rude behaviour. Critics also argue that such public relations efforts by the Thai Taxi Association are outdated and that services should be improved before instructing passengers on how to behave.

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