New restrictions for domestic flights effective along with other nationwide restrictions today

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Today, along with tightened restrictions across Thailand, the Civil Aviation Authority is setting new guidelines for domestic flights in an effort to curb the spread of the nation’s so-called 3rd wave of Covid-19. The changes, effective today, include limiting flights by airlines between 11pm to 4am.
As most businesses in red zone provinces are required to close during those times, the extra effort is being made to keep even more people at home and off flights at the same time. Even 7-Elevens are closed overnight, despite a nationwide curfew having yet to be announced. Other changes from the CAAT include a better notification system for passengers if flights are cancelled or changed.
Seating arrangement on flights will also follow social distancing along with operators strictly following Covid-19 related measures such as a ban on eating, drinking, and providing complimentary reading material in-flight. Flight operators must also have a plan in place to immediately inform all passengers if a customer was found to be infected with Covid-19 and follow up with appropriate precautions.
The CAAT did not say when the new restrictions would expire, except that they are effective immediately as of today, with no end date. The restrictions coincide with nationwide restrictions for orange and red zone provinces also being effective today.


Across all provinces…

• Closures of schools, all nightlife venues, pubs and clubs, karaoke bars and massage parlours

(except for international schools running exams)

• No events can have more than 50 people

Provincial red zones (listed below)…

• Dining-in allowed until 9pm (but can do takeaway until 11pm)

• Serving of alcohol banned

• Shopping centres and fitness centres to be closed by 9pm

(Sporting fields, exercise places, gyms and fitness clubs must close at 9pm)

• Convenience stores, markets, supermarkets must be closed by 11pm

Everywhere else…

• Dining-in allowed until 11pm

• Serving of alcohol banned

• Shopping centres to be closed by 9pm

Additionally, people are being discouraged from traveling to “Red Zone” provinces. Businesses are also being ‘asked’ to allow staff to work from home or introduce other measures to minimise risk of infection at the workplace. These workplace and travel ‘advisories’ will certainly be ramped up if the number of daily cases continue to rise.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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