China’s new battery charges EV revolution in Thailand

Great news for Thailand’s commuters as they get on board with the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. A new battery has been developed to ensure travelers can get to their destination faster and uninterrupted.

Chinese car manufacturer Great Wall Motor (GWM) has developed a new 20Ah sulfur-based solid-state prototype battery that could expand the range of electric vehicles to 1,000km per charge.

SVOLT, a spin-off of GWM develops and produces lithium-ion batteries and battery systems for EVs as well as energy storage, first introduced the battery in April.

The Changzhou-based company claims that it has an increased life cycle of 10% over lithium-ion batteries, an increased energy density of 5%, and a cost reduction of 15%. These sulfur-based solid-state cells are expected to dominate the next generation EV batteries as they are superior to lithium-ion batteries in every metric.

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China's new battery charges EV revolution in Thailand | News by Thaiger

Narong Sritalayon, GWM’s managing director in Thailand, believes the battery will alleviate any worries passengers may have about buses stopping half way to their destination to charge a battery.

“The current pain point for many EV users is the concern about the battery, which could affect motorists’ journeys and driving experience. Our researchers have continuously explored different materials and options to create an innovative battery to deal with that pain point and ease users’ convenience as they will no longer have to stop at any charging stations on the way to a remote destination.

“Great Wall Motor has always been committed to research and development of quality products because it is an important part that makes our electric vehicle products stand out and different from other brands. At the same time, it helps develop the global electric vehicle industry to grow steadily. The main problem with electric vehicle users today is concern about the battery itself. This may affect the driver and driving experience.

“Our researchers continue to innovate and explore many materials and methods to create state-of-the-art batteries to solve this problem, ready to increase convenience for users. This will help the drive to the destination without stopping to charge the car on the way anymore.

“SVOLT’s success is in the prototype production of a 20 amp-hour solid-state battery that can go as far as 1,000 kilometers. It is a good sign for the future of electric vehicles that Thai consumers will definitely experience this exciting experience in the future.”

SOURCE: Bangkok Post Notebookspec

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