Pink Line monorail preps for safety tests ahead of free trial run

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Pink Line monorail project safety measures are currently being assessed through initial test runs. According to a spokesperson from Northern Bangkok Monorail (NBM), following this evaluation, a complimentary trial run for the public is set to be initiated.

The board director of NBM, Surapong Laoha-Unya, oversees the concessionaire of the Pink Line monorail which operates on the Khae Rai-Min Buri section. Surapong has shared that the inspection test runs are focused on the Min Buri-Lak Si segment. An integral part of this process involves the NBM conducting tests on the monorail train, operational procedures and railway systems. The aim is to assure all factors align with established engineering and safety benchmarks.

“The initial test runs have run smoothly thus far,” noted Surapong. Furthermore, it has been revealed that the NBM will test both manual and automatic systems before launching a comprehensive test. Surapong estimates the testing of the Pink Line monorail system will be finalised in approximately a month, reported Bangkok Post.

Upon the completion of safety verifications, a no-cost trial run is slated to be unveiled, announced Surapong. Drawing parallels with the Yellow Line monorail system operating from Lat Phrao in Bangkok to Samrong in Samut Prakan, he confirmed a similar approach would be taken with the Pink Line monorail before complete commercial service being initiated.

The expectation is to launch the Pink Line monorail’s partial service early next year, Surapong shared, also highlighting that NBM has been fast-tracking construction to precede this timeline with a trial run.

Notably, Keeree Kanjanapas, the board chairman of BTS Group Holdings, previously communicated to the press the company’s intention to partially kickstart the Pink Line monorail service around November.

Recently, the Yellow Line Monorail faced a disruption, causing a standstill in services for 90 minutes. This disruption, possibly rooted in the escalated number of train frequencies due to an increase in passenger commutation, brings attention to potential safety issues. Such incidents emphasize the importance of more intensive safety inspections to sustain seamless services and ensure passenger safety. Read more HERE.

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