i360 City Virtual Tours takes city exploration to the next level

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i360 City Virtual Tours, the first-of-its-kind virtual tour platform, is making city exploration easier than ever before. With 360-degree views of cities in Thailand, users can get a sense of each city’s atmosphere, culture, and lifestyle before they even visit.


i360 City Virtual Tours
Image via i360 City Virtual Tours

Founder Bulent UNAT fell in love with the nature and culture of Thailand after moving there in 2016. With i360 City Virtual Tours, his goal is to share the beauty of Thailand with more people and help them make informed travel or real estate purchase decisions. “I want to show people what they’re missing and help them make better decisions about their travels or purchases,” says UNAT.

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Users can explore the cities with 360-degree views and listen to audio explanations of the history and important information about each location. With the platform, people can get a feel for the city before they make the trip and make informed decisions about their travels or real estate purchases.


i360 City Virtual Tours
Image via i360 City Virtual Tours

The project began in Phuket in 2021, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The company plans to complete 10 cities in Thailand by the end of 2023 and keep the platform free to use.

i360 City Virtual Tours is changing the way people experience cities and making it easier to explore new places. Try it today and see why it’s the future of city exploration.

For more information, visit i360city.com.


Bulent UNAT

Founder, i360 City Virtual Tours


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