Huawei reassures customers that its roll-out is unaffected by US sanctions

Despite Huawei’s challenges posed by the US ban, the Chinese telecom firm says their 5G network momentum plunges forward around the world. Huawei is assuring governments and customers that its 5G equipment roll out and development will not be affected by the US sanctions. Huawei continue to challenge the US sanctions saying they are unfair and the allegations “lack substantial evidence”.

The company is voicing confidence that its ability to deliver 5G equipment to customers with existing contracts won’t be affected as the company is now sourcing components from non-US suppliers.

Huawei say they have spent US$4 billion on R&D into the development of 5G over the past decade and have amassed 2,750 patents – about 20% of the total patents for 5G technology. The company currently has 50 5G contracts and is working with customers to set up more than 150,000 stations – 28 customers in Europe, 11 in the Middle East, 6 in the Asia-Pacific, 4 in the US and on in Africa.

Huawei predict they will have more than 500,000 stations by the end of this year. They’re also working on end-user equipment including new smartphones and working with industry to develop 5G smart technologies which would include connected vehicles, smart factories, smart healthcare, smart grid, smart education, urban public safety, drones, agriculture and new media.

5G will operate in virtually ‘real time’ with almost zero lag waiting for files to load. This incredible speed increase enables greater accuracy and new opportunities for many current services along with entirely new technologies that will open up. The dream of ‘instant internet’, speeds that would allow you to download 120 4K movies in seconds, hear music instantly, in full broadband stereo, etc, etc, etc… is still just around the corner in Thailand.

For devices Huawei says that foldable smartphones with larger screens will feature in the 5G era, particularly for video games, online shopping and multi-angle broadcasting.

Read more about 5G in Thailand HERE.

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