Lopburi tree collision: Tragic end for grandad after falling asleep at wheel

Photo: KhaoSod

A tragic accident took the life of a 45 year old man who fell asleep behind the wheel and collided with a tree. The man, identified as Pisanu, was found clutching a photo of what is believed to be his grandson, moments before his demise.

The Lopburi tree collision occurred at 7.30am on October 3, on Tha Kae Road, Mueang Lopburi district, Lopburi province.

Pisanu was driving a black sedan, with a Bangkok registration, on a two-lane road when he lost control, veering off the road and crashing into a large tamarind tree. The front end of the car was severely damaged, with parts scattered across the area.

Pisanu, found in the driver’s seat, had died from severe trauma caused by the tree collision. A shattered mobile phone was found on the passenger seat, suggesting that he tried to call for help before his untimely death.

A photograph of a young boy believed to be his grandson, was found tightly clutched in his left hand. Witnesses claim to have heard a loud explosion-like noise around 4am, however, no one dared to investigate until the morning when the car was discovered.

Upon further investigation of the Lopburi tree collision, skid marks and long tire tracks were found, indicating that the car had lost control before veering off the road. It is suspected that the driver might have fallen asleep while driving.

The deceased’s family has been informed and the body was transported to Ananda Mahidol Hospital for post-mortem examination to definitively determine the cause of death, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, a fatal accident claimed the life of a senior officer from the Nam Kliang Police Station, as his vehicle collided with a tree in Sisaket province, northeastern Thailand. Although the driver of the car survived the crash, they sustained severe injuries and were promptly taken for medical treatment. Read more HERE.

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