Tragic twist: High-ranking officer’s fatal collision with tree leaves Sisaket mourning

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A tragic accident took the life of a high-ranking Nam Kliang Police Station officer when his vehicle collided with a tree resulting in fatal injuries in Sisaket province in northeastern Thailand. The driver of the car survived but suffered severe injuries and was rushed for medical treatment.

In the early hours of 3.30am today, local police received an alert about a fatal road accident involving a pickup truck and a tree. Following the incident notification, the duty officer, Gongsri Prachan, along with emergency medical personnel from the local hospital and Sisaket Rescue volunteers rushed to the scene located by the roadside near Ban Pueay School in the Phrom Sawat district.

On arrival, they found a bronze-grey Toyota Vigo four-door pickup with licence plate number 3 ขฒ 5733 from Bangkok parked by the roadside. The front left side of the vehicle showed considerable impact damage.

Inside, they found the body of a man, later identified as Police Captain Phongsathon Sokool, station chief of Nam Kliang Police Station. His left leg was broken and there was a visible impact wound on his chest. Phongsathon’s cause of death was pronounced on the site, it is noted that he was not wearing a seatbelt, reported KhaoSod.

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Next to him was Thitiphat Buahom, an officer from Nam Kliang Police Station, who had been driving the vehicle. Thitiphat was injured, with wounds on his head and arm pain. Responding life-saving officials immediately transported him to Phayu Provincial Hospital for emergency treatment. However, due to the severity of his head injuries, he has subsequently been transferred to Sisaket Hospital for further diagnostics and treatment.

Initial investigations revealed that prior to the event, Thitiphat was tasked to drive Phongsathon from his residence in Buriram province urgently back to his station in Nam Kliang, Sisaket, in response to a reported firearms incident.

The scene of the accident indicates that Thitiphat lost control of the vehicle, causing it to career into a large tree on the roadside. Phongsathon, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown against the console during the crash. His injuries were so severe that he died instantly, while Thitiphat was wounded in the accident.

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