Teenager killed instantly in fatal forklift-motorbike crash near Phetchabun Market

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod

A fatal crash involving a forklift and a motorbike occurred near the Phetchabun Central Grain Market yesterday. The motorcyclist, a teenager in his early teens, collided with the forklift as it was turning into the market. T

he impact was so severe that the young man was killed instantly, with severe injuries to his head and neck.

The accident was captured on surveillance cameras, which showed the forklift travelling on the left side of the road before making a right turn into the market.

At the same time, the teenager was riding his motorbike in the opposite direction, leading to the collision.

The motorbike and its rider were propelled in different directions due to the force of the collision. The entire incident, from the forklift’s turn to the collision, took only three seconds.

The teenager, who was wearing an orange sports shirt with yellow sleeves and black shorts, was pronounced dead at the scene.

His blue Honda Wave motorbike, registration number 1 กม 9404 Phetchabun, was found nearby with significant damage. Also at the scene was the forklift with visible signs of the collision on its side, reported KhaoSod.

Initial investigations have not yet revealed the identity of the deceased as no documents were found on his person.

Authorities have transported the body for further examination and are awaiting family members to come forward for identification. The forklift driver has been summoned for further questioning as part of the ongoing investigation.

In March, an Italian man tragically died after he was impaled by a forklift in Samut Prakan province, just south of Bangkok in central Thailand, near the factory where he worked as sales manager. He was riding a motorbike taxi when the incident happened. To read more click HERE

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