Red-Bull hit-and-run prosecutor dismissed

Red-Bull hit-and-run prosecutor Chainarong Saengthong-aram has been dismissed by the Public Prosecutors Commission.

The former senior prosecutor at the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) was discharged after tampering with evidence in the case involving Red Bull heir Vorayuth Yoovidhya.

An initial report showed that Vorayuth was driving his Ferrari at 177 kilometres per hour when he hit and killed a policeman in Bangkok in 2012. The estimated speed was later reduced to under 80kph. Based on this lower speed, former attorney general Nate Naksuk dropped a charge of causing death by reckless driving against Vorayuth.

Red Bull heir still facing serious charges over fatal hit-and-run
Vorayuth was driving his Ferrari at 177 kilometres per hour when he hit and killed a policeman.

The AG’s office has since confirmed there had been tampering with evidence regarding the speed of the car and Chainarong had reportedly already tendered his resignation.

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The investigative panel recommended sacking Nate and dishing out the highest penalty for his offences, but public prosecutors decided his wrongdoings were minor and passed the buck to the OAG.

Attorney-General Naree Tantasathien also disagreed with the panel and suggested reducing Nate’s punishment from outright dismissal and loss of pension to an internal transfer with his pension unaffected.

In May, Public Prosecutors Commission Chairman Patchara Yutithamdamrong decided Nate had been grossly negligent, severely damaging the OAG’s reputation and authority under Sections 85 and 87 of the Civil Service Act 2010 and moved to dismiss him, but later reduced the penalty to allow him to keep his pension, following years of selfless devotion to duty.

Justice for Wichien Klanprasert and his family, the motorcycle cop Vorayuth admits to killing, is further off than ever. Wichien was responding to a robbery call when he was struck by the billionaire’s son, who refused to stop, dragging the dying officer for around 100 meters, as he sped to his safety in his luxurious home. A trail of brake fluid led investigators to a Ferrari, hidden near a mansion in one of Bangkok’s most affluent neighbourhoods.

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