One year old survives truck collision in Sumatra, heart-wrenching video goes viral

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An Indonesian one year old toddler stunned the world as he crawled out of a truck wreckage following a collision on Sumatra Island. The incident occurred on September 9 in the province of Lampung.

The heart-wrenching video, which went viral on social media, showed the boy crawling from the crushed vehicle and seeking his mother.

The video also showed Sri Devi attempting to escape from the wrecked door of the truck, while the driver of the other vehicle was seen climbing out of his toppled truck.

Lampung’s Central Traffic Police commander, Wahyu Tewe Kristanto, suspects the driver of the yellow-purple truck may have fallen asleep, causing the truck to veer onto the other lane and collide with the approaching truck, reported the Straits Times.

Miraculously, both drivers survived the crash. However, one of them sustained severe head injuries, facial abrasions, and a broken right leg. Sri Devi was also injured in the accident, while her son had a bruised left eye and facial injuries.

Sri Devi revealed that she and her son were asleep at the time of the accident and were unaware that Fatih Akbar had crawled out of the vehicle until he came looking for her. She further noted that her son was not seriously harmed and has received treatment at a nearby hospital.

The video has since gone viral on social media, showing Sri Devi inside a yellow-and-purple truck, trying to get out through its crushed door, while another truck could be seen next to the road, lying on its side.

Both drivers of the trucks survived the crash but one of them suffered serious injuries to the head, abrasions to the face, and fractured his right leg. Sri Devi also suffered injuries while her son had bruises on his left eye and abrasions on the face.

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