Tragic twist: Slippery roads lead to double tragedy with feline fatality

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A fatal road accident occurred in Nakhon Pathom in the early hours yesterday, when a car skidded off a slippery road and plunged into a canal. The driver, a 36 year old man named Tsai, and his 35 year old girlfriend Saowaphak, both drowned, while two other passengers sustained injuries. Also found deceased at the scene were two Persian cats trapped in their cages.

At approximately 3.30am today, Deputy Police Inspector Phisan Rueangpan was notified of a road accident on Phet Kasem Road, near the Global House in Lam Phaya, Nakhon Pathom. On arrival, they found a Toyota Yaris, registered in Ratchaburi, overturned in the canal. The rescue team retrieved the bodies of Tsai and Saowaphak from the vehicle, both of whom appeared to have drowned.

In addition to the deceased, two other passengers were injured: 30 years old Orathai and 36 years old Jiratpat. They were transported to the Nakhon Pathom Hospital for treatment. A large pink vinyl sheet was found among the possessions retrieved from the car, which had “Happy Birthday Ramii September 18, 2023” written on it, indicating that the group was en route to a birthday celebration in Ban Pong, Ratchaburi.

A volunteer from the Suksalanukroh Nakhon Pathom Foundation, Biw, revealed that he was driving past the scene when he was flagged down by a truck driver to assist with the road accident. It was a challenging rescue due to the heavy rain and the fact that the victims were fastened in their seatbelts. One cat was seen escaping from the car and running onto the road.

Jiratpat, one of the injured passengers, reported that they had left their homes in Si Racha to celebrate a relative’s birthday in Ban Pong, Ratchaburi, which was due to take place later that day. They had packed their belongings and brought three cats with them for the journey.

Prior to the road accident, Jiratpat was asleep in the car. She surmised that Tsai might have fallen asleep at the wheel, resulting in the car losing control and falling into the canal reported KhaoSod.

The initial investigation suggests that the heavy rain and wet road conditions could have contributed to the road accident, resulting in the death and injuries.

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