6 year old child flung from overpass in car accident

PHOTO: A young child was killed in a car crash when he was flung off 30-metre overpass. (via Thai PBS World)

On Sunday, a family of four was travelling on the Bang Phli-Suksawat expressway in the Greater Bangkok area when tragedy struck. After losing control and crashing, the family’s 6 year old son was flung free of the car and off of the overpass to the road far below, killing the child.

The horrific incident took place on the expressway in Bang Ya Phraek sub-district in Samut Prakan. The father was driving his wife and two sons in their brand-new pickup truck. They were heating from Phetcha Buri province to their home in Chon Buri when he lost control of the vehicle.

He claims that the accident happened due to his steering wheel locking up. The car skidded and swerved before slamming into a Y-junction.

The truck crashed into the guard rail with great power. The force of the crash was so great that it broke the rear window. And their helpless young child was flung out of the back window, plummeting off the elevated expressway.

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The child was flung over the guardrail and plunged some 30 metres to the roadway below. Witnesses tried to help the boy and called for an ambulance. But sadly, his injuries were too severe and the child did not survive the fall.

Police have launched an investigation into the tragic accident. They suspect that the boy was not wearing a safety belt at the time of the accident, which would have held him inside the car and possibly saved his young life.

Both parents will be invited in for questioning by the police, though there has been no mention of potential criminal charges in his death.

Meanwhile, the boy’s remains have been taken to the Central Institute of Forensic Science for a full autopsy.

This tragic incident serves as a reminder of the importance of road safety, especially when travelling with children. Just two months ago, another young child died after being flung off of a vehicle.

A seven year old girl was tragically killed on a Bangkok road while travelling to school. The child fell from her mother’s white Yamaha Scoopy motorcycle and was run over by an oncoming public bus. The driver drove on without stopping, later saying he did not notice the girl.

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