Vladimir Putin officially annexed four parts of Ukraine

PHOTO: Putin officially annexed four regions in Ukraine. (via Business Insider)

In an elaborate ceremony in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin officially annexed four parts of Ukraine. The move has drawn condemnation as he tries to lay diplomatic claim to lands that Ukraine forces have been regaining on the ground. Putin announced ominously that anyone living in the four regions is now permanently a Russian citizen, and in response, attendees chanted ” Russia! Russia!”

“I want to say this to the Kyiv regime and its masters in the West: People living in Lugansk, Donetsk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia are becoming our citizens forever.”

Ukrainian leaders vowed to fight back against the declaration and to further request expedited NATO membership. NATO immediately declared it illegal and illegitimate that Putin annexed the region though they did not give any indication about accepting Ukraine as a member.

In recent weeks Ukrainian fighters have regained sections of the four regions that Putin annexed which, combined with Crimea, make up about 20% of the land in Ukraine. The Kremlin installed leaders in those regions for those leaders to turn around and request that Putin annex the lands for Russia. He then accepted those requests and signed the formal documents.

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In the US, President Joe Biden strongly condemned and move swiftly to announce new harsh sanctions. Russian officials as well as Russia’s defence industry will be hampered by these new impositions. Biden also said that allies in the G7 would take action against any nation that supports and recognizes Russia’s claim to the land Putin annexed.

Previously, soldiers were battling on Ukrainian grounds that Russia had invaded. But signing off on the annexation document indicates that Putin now considers the land part of his nation with Ukrainian insurgents battling on Russian soil. Many fear that harsh escalation, as Putin has already hinted about the use of nuclear weapons to defend what is now Russian land in his mind.

Nevertheless, Ukrainian leaders remain steadfastly committed to defending their country and sovereignty. Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba reiterated their pledge to fight.

“[Ukrainians will] continue liberating our land and our people”

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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