Japan makes path to enlightenment easier with “AI Buddha” tool

Japan has once again made use of its advanced technological skills by creating an artificial intelligence (AI) tool to help those attain enlightenment. The Buddhist tool, aka AI Buddha, brings ancient scriptures’ spiritual guidance to smartphones. According to Bangkok Post, the software was co-developed by a team of religious and computer academics at Kyoto University.

The software has been programmed to preach around 1,000 Buddhist teachings, such as the Dhammapada and the Sutta Nipata. Users seeking enlightenment can pose a question to a Buddhist avatar that pops up on their mobile phone screen. The pint-sized Buddha sits cross-legged within an augmented reality backdrop using an AI dialogue system dubbed the “Buddhabot.”

Although the software is still in the testing stages and is not yet available to the general public, the entrance of such religious AI tools has been largely well-received. Such smartphone apps have undoubtedly become popular worldwide, with AI Buddha joining the world of self-help on the go.

Other apps have aimed at providing mental health wellness by coaching users on meditation and relaxation techniques. Other apps focus on addiction, grieving the loss of a loved one and funny memes to cope with a difficult day at work.

There is no word on when the app will be available to the public, but in Buddhism, patience truly is a virtue. It is considered one of the things that a sentient being must perfect to achieve enlightenment. Albeit, the new AI Buddha may just help those attain enlightenment from the ease of their smartphones.

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Ann Carter

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