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According to a Channel 3 news programme, a drug dealer has worked as a Thai police spy for 20 years and gets paid for every successful drug bust he is involved in.
Channel 3’s report on drugs in Thailand highlighted how some drug dealers and users managed to conceal their identities from society and law enforcement.

Thai police use real drug dealers as spies to infiltrate drug trafficking gangs and report back information that leads to arrests on the show.

Thailand has a long history of drug use. There are reports in both Thai and international media that the kingdom is awash in drugs.

So, the Thai Channel 3 news show, Sam Miti (3 มิติ), examined the kingdom’s drug issues in an effort to identify their underlying causes.
On Sunday, October 16, a news reporter spoke with the man who asserted to be a drug dealer and a covert agent for the Thai police.

The individual admitted that he had previously been detained on drug-related charges on many occasions.

The suspected spy then revealed that he had a contract with the authorities.

The individual claimed that instead of a little pill here and there, his incentives consisted of whole drug packets.

The police stooge acknowledged that the arrangement is practical for him as a user and dealer but noted that,

given the present political atmosphere and the government’s stricter drug policies, it is becoming more difficult to obtain narcotics.

The dealer claimed that while dealing with the authorities is simply provided

you have enough money, narcotics are still widely available throughout the nation.
The interview concluded with his remarks, “Drugs will always be around.
They won’t ever vanish.

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