Unwrapped truth: Viral video of passenger cling-film wrapping three seats raises doubt (video)

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The authenticity of a recent viral video showing a female passenger using cling film wrap to create a makeshift bed across three economy seats is being questioned by netizens. The video, which has garnered 3.8 million views on TikTok, depicts the passenger diligently enclosing the space of the three seats she presumably booked using cling wrap.

In the video taken by another passenger, a flight attendant approaches the woman and begins to dismantle her DIY business class seat. The passenger appears distressed upon being informed that her actions are not permitted and repeatedly asks the flight attendant…

“Where are the rules?”

The video concludes with the flight attendant calmly removing the cling wrap amidst the passenger’s complaints.

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Despite the video’s widespread sharing and viewership, its authenticity remains uncertain. Uploaded on May 18, the video lacks specific flight details such as the airline or destination.

Furthermore, there appear to be only three other passengers on the flight, including the unseen individual filming the video. Some comments suggest that it might be a customer service training exercise for flight attendants, given the peculiar behaviours exhibited by real-life passengers nowadays.

Interestingly, this is not the first time cling wrap has been involved in a commercial flight incident. In 2019, passengers on a flight to Phuket collaborated to subdue and cling wrap an unruly passenger who attempted to open the emergency door mid-flight, reported aerotime. The plane made an emergency landing in Uzbekistan, where the wrapped passenger was subsequently arrested by the police.

Another TikTok video went viral two days ago after capturing the extraordinary moment of a passenger climbing out of the overhead luggage compartment of a Ryanair flight. The footage reveals a passenger emerging from the overhead luggage compartment, sparking a flurry of speculation about the perplexing state of the man in question. Read more about the story HERE.

Meanwhile, the mystery behind the cling wrap-loving passenger in the recent video continues to captivate online audiences, leaving them questioning whether the footage is real or fake.

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