Thai woman mysteriously dies, her body found in abandoned garbage chute

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Police suspect foul play after the body of a missing Thai woman was found in an abandoned garbage chute at a Royal Thai Army welfare accommodation in the Phayathai district of Bangkok.

Bang Sue Police Station officers received a report of the death of a 36 year old Thai woman, identified as Ann, at 9.40pm yesterday, November 30. Ann’s lifeless body was found at the bottom of the garbage chute on the rooftop of a welfare housing project in the 1st Army Area. Ann was seen lying face down with her arms and legs broken. She wore a white, long-sleeved shirt and long black trousers, but no shoes. Her brown handbag was hanging from her shoulder.

Police told ThaiRath that the rubbish chute was in a room on the rooftop above the fourth floor of the building. It had been closed and abandoned for a long time. With its size of 3×3 square metres and 15 metres deep, the rescue team was unable to recover her body. They had to break through a wall on the lower floor to get Ann’s body out.

There were no visible wounds on Ann’s body and her mobile phone was missing. Her body was taken to the hospital for an autopsy to determine the cause of her death.

Ann’s husband, a soldier stationed in the 1st Army Area, reported to the police that Ann had gone missing since Loy Krathong Day on November 27. During the festival, Ann and her husband celebrated separately with their respective friends. Subsequently, Ann contacted her husband, instructing him to check on the children at the condominium, assuring him that she would return home shortly.

The husband waited for Ann until late, and when she failed to arrive, he attempted to contact her without success. Seeking assistance from friends, they collectively searched for Ann until the early morning of November 28, but their efforts proved unsuccessful. After a 24-hour waiting period, he formally reported her disappearance to the police.

Murder suspected

The neighbours later informed Ann’s husband that they could smell a foul odour from the rooftop. They went to investigate and found Ann’s body.

Police suspect that Ann may have been murdered, with a possible involvement of a thief, given the absence of her mobile phone. Alternatively, her debtor is under scrutiny as officers traced Ann’s phone signal on the Bangna-Trat Road to Samut Prakarn province two days before her disappearance, close to the debtor’s residence.

As reported by ThaiRath, the shelter was situated within an army compound, ensuring high security. Visitors were subjected to a checkpoint and thorough search before gaining entry.

The police are now tasked with investigating the circumstances surrounding Ann’s fall into the rubbish chute and identifying any suspicious individuals who may have recently entered the compound.

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