Bangkok levies heavy fines for those who litter in waterways

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is levying heavy fines for those who are caught throwing rubbish into the city’s waterways. The administration says it collects 9,000 tonnes of trash a day from the city’s canals. Some of those items include old mattresses and waste. Governor Chadchart Sittipunt says most of the waste is collected around Phra Khanong pumping station as workers collect five to six tonnes of rubbish from there every day.

According to the Bangkok Post, Chadchart says City Hall is increasing its inspections as waste sometimes gets stuck in water pipes. The waste damages the water pipes which have been touted as the reason behind residents not being able to drink the tap water. As the city reportedly filters the water in Bangkok, the pipes are what keep many people from drinking the water.

The governor urged each community to act as monitors for authorities to help stop people from dumping waste into the canals. The BMA issued a warning on its Facebook account against dumping large amounts of rubbish into waterways and other unsanctioned areas. The fines for those who break the law range from 2,000 to 10,000 baht.

The BMA also says to check its Facebook page to see the schedule and spots arranged for dumping larger items of trash in each district until tomorrow. From 9am to noon, the city will take care of large items of rubbish for free.

Deputy Bangkok governor Tavida Kamolvej has also unveiled an ongoing one-map project that will serve as resource data for all affiliated agencies upon which to rely. The project map will provide crucial information about risk-prone areas including those that are vulnerable to fires, floods and chemical leaks. The project aims to help all agencies work together by learning all of the city routes to provide faster responses to disasters.

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