Air pollution at unsafe levels in Bangkok

Bangkok residents should pay close attention to the air-quality in their vicinity and protect themselves, according to Bangkok Environment Department.

The capital’s air quality is invariably appalling at this time of year, due to still air and is expected to remain unsafe over the weekend. The deteriorating air quality is attributed to a cold front from China and only weak breezes.

Air quality in 24 districts in Bangkok exceeds standard safety level - Bangkok News - Thailand News, Travel & Forum - ASEAN NOW
Air quality hit unsafe levels in 22 districts on Friday morning.

PM2.5 levels range from 30 to 64 micrograms per cubic metre in Bangkok. Safe levels for PM2.5 are under 50mg per cubic metre.

PM2.5 levels can be found on the websites and, as well as the Facebook pages of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, the Environment Department, and Air Quality and Noise Management Division, or the AirBKK smartphone application.

The air in Bangkok is getting worse and there are no signs that it is going to get better anytime soon. The level of PM2.5 in the atmosphere exceeds the standard of 50 microns in 24 out of 50 districts.

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Air pollution at unsafe levels in Bangkok poses an immediate threat to health.

You can check the air quality before leaving home through the following channels:



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