TikTok bans political groups ahead of Thai election

PHOTO: TikTok will block political parties from advertising, monetising, or promoting fake news. (via Nation)

TikTok announced that it will block all accounts linked to political groups in Thailand in the lead-up to and during the country’s upcoming general election. TikTok Thailand’s chief of public policy announced that the company would take measures to maintain a safe community by preventing the spread of fake news and hate speech sparked by political conflicts.

TikTok, a short-form video hosting service, is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance and has become one of the most popular platforms in the world. It hosts user-submitted videos ranging in length from three seconds to 10 minutes.

The company has put in place procedures to prevent political parties from using the platform to profit from advertising and spread fake news, the Thailand chief said.

“TikTok does not accept paid political ads or paid branded content. Politicians will be barred from engaging in any form of monetisation, while accounts taking any political angle will be added to the government, politician and political party account [GPPPA] category.”

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TikTok has established policies aimed at preventing misuse of the platform by political parties. The company does not accept paid political ads or paid branded content, and politicians will be barred from engaging in any form of monetisation.

However, if the content is created by a political party’s fan club, TikTok will not ban it because the app supports freedom of speech. Time will tell if this caveat will be abused.

TikTok is working with experts to create and update policies for Thailand’s upcoming general election, ensuring that users receive accurate information on important topics related to the election. The platform is conducting training sessions to educate political parties on TikTok’s integrity, and partnering with fact-checking organizations to help users access reliable information.

An “election centre” is scheduled to launch one month before political campaigns begin. It will provide users with reliable information about the candidates, how to vote, and other relevant topics.

Jirapat Lee, TikTok Thailand’s product policy chief, said that the platform utilizes a mix of artificial intelligence, policy, and human content moderators to detect and take action against any content or behaviour that breaches its community guidelines.

Content moderators stationed worldwide work tirelessly to maintain a secure and safe environment. The platform also offers a reporting feature that enables users to flag harmful content.

TikTok will also promote digital literacy through educational videos that encourage users to think critically about the content they see online, as well as information about voting.

TikTok bans political groups ahead of Thai election | News by Thaiger

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