Young man found dead in Khon Kaen pond sparks police probe

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Tragedy struck when the body of a young man was discovered, his head brutally stuffed in a bag and submerged in a pond, triggering an urgent police investigation. The unsettling find was made at 10am today, April 14, in a water body within the Ban Ped area of Khon Kaen province, Thailand.

Law enforcement, accompanied by the Sawang Khon Kaen Samakkhi rescue team, responded to a tip-off from a concerned citizen.

Upon their arrival at the scene near Ban Phonsawan, Moo 13, Lao Nadi Road, they encountered the grim sight of a man’s body floating in the pond. The victim was dressed in jeans and a black long-sleeved jacket emblazoned with a football club’s insignia. Notably, a tattoo of a koi fish marked his back, indicating that he had likely been dead for at least three days.

Further examination revealed his head was concealed in a black bag. Within the bag, a brown wallet was found containing an identification card belonging to 23 year old Chisanuphong (surname withheld) from Chaiyaphum province, along with 200 baht (US$5.5) in cash, a product receipt with a telephone number, and a bank transfer slip for 300 baht (US$8) dated April 8.

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The police have not yet pinpointed a specific motive and are not discounting any possible causes of death. Confirmation awaits the arrival of family members to claim the body and provide additional information that could shed light on the mysterious circumstances surrounding the young man’s demise. Moreover, there’s uncertainty about whether the deceased is the same individual as the owner of the identification card found.

As the investigation at the scene continued, the police’s forensic team meticulously examined the area but found no signs of struggle or any clues pointing to a suspect. The chief investigator suggested that the man might have been attacked near where his body was discovered or that he could have been assaulted elsewhere, rendered unconscious, and then dumped in the pond to conceal the crime.

The perpetrator or perpetrators were speculated to be at least one or two individuals, reported KhaoSod.

Currently, the investigative team is intensively searching for leads from CCTV footage along the road leading to the pond in their relentless pursuit to bring the culprits to justice. Meanwhile, the victim’s body has been sent to Srinakarin Hospital’s forensic institute for an autopsy, following standard procedures.

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