Student’s fatal fall from condo stirs Pathum Thani community

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A 27 year old female student tragically fell to her death from the fifth floor of a condominium early today. The incident occurred in the Mueang Ake community in Pathum Thani, where police and rescue services were swiftly summoned to the scene.

In the quiet pre-dawn hours of today, the serene atmosphere of a Pathum Thani condominium was shattered when a student plunged from a fifth-floor balcony. At 3.10am, the local police received a distress call reporting the fatal fall. Deputy Investigator Pisit Jongcharuwong of the Pak Klong Rangsit Police Station led the response team, which included forensic experts and volunteers from the Poh Teck Tueng Foundation.

Upon arrival at the eight-story condominium complex, the emergency personnel discovered the victim, identified as a 27 year old woman, lying on her back on the ground-level parking deck. She was later identified as a visual arts student in her eighth year at a private university. Beside her lay her shocked and grieving friend, who had been asleep before being awoken by a scream and the harrowing discovery on the balcony.

Initial inquiries revealed that a 24 year old witness, Supakit, heard a noise and, upon investigation, found the victim on the ground. The deceased, who had been studying for eight years, ordinarily shared her room with another female student.

The roommate, unaware of the tragic event unfolding due to being asleep, was alerted only by the victim’s scream. Running to the balcony, she was met with the sight of her friend’s nightclothes on the ground below—a sight that confirmed her worst fears. Racing downstairs, she found her friend was already dead.

Supakit indicated that both women had returned from a night out, entering their residence around 1am. Before her untimely death, the victim had expressed frustration over academic examinations that she had repeatedly failed, prolonging her studies to eight years. However, there was no indication that she intended self-harm. It is speculated that alcohol consumption may have contributed to the fatal misstep, reported Sanook.

Deputy Investigator Pisit disclosed that the scene had been thoroughly documented and that CCTV footage would be reviewed as part of the ongoing investigation. The victim’s body was transferred to the Forensic Science Institute under the Ministry of Justice, where it would await collection by relatives for religious rites.

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